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Our event on the 2021 US Grand Slam match racing series, the International Match Race for the Detroit Cup, has over the years increased its global reach attracting top-ranked teams from Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Ireland, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, Great Britain and the US Virgin Islands, as well as throughout the US and Canada. The excellence of race management, venue, hospitality and points offered on World Sailing's Match Race Ranking List have all contributed to the popularity and competitiveness of this high-level sailing event. The Grand Slam series winner will receive an invitation to the 2021 Congressional Cup, held in Long Beach, CA.

This year marks the 12th anniversary that this highly regarded match race has been held at Bayview Yacht Club which is sailed in the club's fleet of Ultimate 20's, and has now been added to the Match Race Super League worldwide series.

The Detroit Cup depends on the support of its sponsors and Friends. Please show your support for this year's race, which will be held August 18-22, with a donation of $100. For your donation you will receive one limited edition 2021 Detroit Cup cap, which is exclusive to Friends and will not be for sale, and recognition as an official "Friend" on the Detroit Cup website, Facebook page and in the event program.

For more information please contact Lance Smotherman at lance.smotherman@comcast.net.

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