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Chris Poole and riptide racing takes early lead in detroit cup

Eight flights completed in first round robin in sunny light-moderate conditions on the Detroit River at Bayview YC

Detroit, Mich. -- August 23, 2018 – Chris Poole from New York and his Riptide Racing team is leading the pack of ten teams after the first day of racing at the 11th annual Detroit Cup. Eight flights were raced today under beautiful sunny skies and light to moderate winds with three flights and one match remaining to complete the first Round Robin tomorrow. Racing will be held daily though Sunday, August 26th, with two Round Robins planned, followed by Semi-Finals and Finals over the weekend.

Poole is tied on 5 points in six matches sailed with one of two local Bayview YC favorites, Ryan Seago, but in having defeated Seago in their match he wins the tie-break in the current standings. Nick Egnot-Johnson and his team from New Zealand is also on five points, but he too lost to Poole in their match.

“We had a good day, but got unlucky in the first flight and off to a rough start,” said Poole. “My team rebounded really well to read the race course and the conditions, and they got us around the track with few problems.” Poole can be a fiery competitor, but earned only one penalty from the umpires in his match with Seago, which he managed to shake free before finishing ahead.

In that first flight Poole got off the start line in a strong position to windward and ahead against his match rival, the other local favorite Will Cyr, when Cyr suddenly sailed out from under Poole and passed with ease. Poole immediately recognized the problem and went head to wind to stop the boat and back down to shed a patch of weed on the keel. Their pace through the water improved but they were unable t0 chase down and catch Cyr in the light conditions.

The westerly breeze was shifty and varied widely in strength, but it never completely shut down, and PRO Becky Ashburn and her team kept shifting the course to keep the racing as fair as possible. Besides the breeze, the ever-present current of the Detroit River also kept competitors on their toes.

Tomorrow similar weather is expected but the breeze will shift from the west to the south, making for more interesting and challenging conditions here on the Detroit River.

Complete results are posted online at www.matchracingresults.com, as well as on the event website at www.detroitcup.com.

Standings after 8 flights:

1. Chris Poole (USA)                         5-1

2. Ryan Seago (USA)                         5-1

3. Nick Egnot-Johnson (NZL)          5-2

4. Will Boulden (AUS)                       4-3

5. Pearson Potts (USA)                     3-3

6. William Curtiss (USA)                   3-4

7. Finn Tapper (AUS)                         2-4

8. Clare Costanzo (AUS)                  2-4

9. James Wilson (NZL)                    2-4

10. Will Cyr (USA)                              1-6

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