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2017 Competitors (in Alphabetical Order)

  • Will Boulden - AUS - ISAF Ranking 28

    Home Yacht Club: Royal Freshwater Bay YC

    The team has been racing and finishing on the podium at multiple international level match racing regattas. These include University World Championships, European Championships and many other top-level events. The team has also recently completed in the WMRT Swan River Match Cup and finished 4th amongst a field of Olympic gold medalists.

  • Sylvain Escurat - FRA - ISAF Ranking 192

  • Scott Flanigan - IRL - ISAF ranking 1048

    Home Yacht Club: Malahide Yacht Club/Howth Yacht Club

    Sailing with Daniel Gill and Richard Roberts, we form the helms from Trinity College Dublin's 1st team (team racing) who are this year's National Champions. We have placed in the top 10 in several British Invitational events this year. Richard is Irish Sailor of the Month for March, Daniel was Club Captain this year in Trinity (with Richard and Scott both past Captains) while Scott was last years' University Sailor of the Year. The team has a strong background in Match Racing with Scott having trained in the Chicago Match Race Centre in 2014 while coaching at Chicago Yacht Club. Scott went on to be the tactician and main trimmer for the British Match Racing Team (helmed by Mark Lees) on the WMRT in 2015 and also sailed part of the US Grand Slam in 2015 with Chris Steele's 36 below team. Scott has also competed in Detroit in 2014 with Pelican Racing (Shane Diviney) and enjoyed the experience so much that he is keen to return with his University team to start their match racing career. The team has significant yachting experience over the past ten years, while Daniel Gill is a past u25 World Champion in the GP14, Scott was a 2012 470 Olympian, while Richard was an u18 Team racing European Champion. This team believes it has the pedigree to mix it with the best in the world and is excited by the challenge presented by the Ultimate 20's and the Detroit Cup offer.

  • Andrei Nikolaev - RUS - ISAF Ranking 47

  • Harry Price - AUS - ISAF Ranking 6

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