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Welcome to the 2020 Detroit Cup

13th Annual International Match Race for the Detroit Cup

World-class sailing just yards off the dock

Save The Date... August 19 - 23, 2020

The International Match Race for the Detroit Cup is the second of 4 events in the GRAND SLAM Grade 2 Match Race Series. The other events in the GRAND SLAM Series are the CYC/CMRC Invitational, the Oakcliff International, and new this year, the Thompson Cup hosted by Seawanhaka Corinthian YC in Oyster Bay. Among other things, the winner of the GRAND SLAM series earns a qualification spot at the Congressional Cup at Long Beach YC.

Invitations will be granted to the most accomplished skippers based on the ISAF World Ranking List. Special consideration will be given to international and women's teams in addition to those competing in last year's GRAND SLAM Series. Please request an invitation no later than May 1. Competitors may enter and pay their entry and deposit fees after receiving an invitation to this event.

Jordan Stevenson Wins the 2019 Detroit Cup

Climbing out from a mediocre fourth place position from the first stage Round Robin, Jordan Stevenson and his team won 3-0 in the Finals against Chris Poole and his Riptide Racing team to claim victory in the 12th annual Detroit Cup.

2019 Full Results // More Images

Current Friends...

  • Bob Dumas
  • Bruce Aikens
  • John & Karen Schultes
  • Dean Kuhn
  • Gary Wally
  • Com. LaRiviere
  • Geoff Kimmel
  • Al Declercq
  • Peter Wenzler
  • Ray Adams
  • Michael Schultes
  • Jim & Cynthia Best
  • Com. Hans Brieden
  • Paul Hulsey
  • Com. Fullerton
  • Com. Bratton
  • Jim Cassidy
  • Kevin Rossell
  • Todd Riley
  • Bill Francis
  • Ryan Farrell
  • William Henderson
  • Mark Miller
  • Bob Nutter
  • C. Bayer
  • Lynn Kotwicki
  • Charlie Hess
  • Jon Shefferly
  • Cindy Ross
  • Henry Mistele
  • Shirley Fortune
  • Robert Niederoest
  • Tim Crowley
  • Com. Philip O’Neil
  • Eric Petersen
  • Com. Brian Geraghty
  • Com. Peter Griffin
  • Tom Meier
  • Fred Detwiler
  • Gary Shoemaker
  • Sue Temple
  • John Hughes
  • G. E. Kriese
  • Trish Kirkman
  • Glen Burton
  • Mark Pinney
  • Lauren Best
  • Bruce VandeVusse
  • Mike McDonald
  • Christer Lucander

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