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Price Wins 10th Anniversary Detriot Cup!!

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10th Annual International Match Race for the Detroit Cup

World-class sailing just yards off the dock

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August 24-27, 2017

The 2017 edition of the International Match Race for the Detroit Cup marks the 10th Anniversity of this annual event. Teams from all over the world will compete on the Detroit River race courses set just yards away from the front lawn of Bayview Yacht Club. And, with live on-site commentary all the competitive tension and excitement of match race sailing will be brought to spectators once again.

When BYC members authorized the purchase of the Club U20's in the mid 90's, Commodore Tapert took that as a sign that Bayview could host national match race events. He was able to get the club on the US Sailing calendar to host the national match racing championship that had been known as the Prince of Wales. Bayview hosted its first one in 2003 with our own Nathan Hollerbach taking home the Prince of Wales Bowl.

The idea for The International Match Race for the Detroit Cup, or affectionately known as the D Cup, started in the fall of 2007 when Debi Schoenherr and Sandi Svoboda, approached the Regatta Director to pitch the idea of taking on the audacious task of running a World Sailing Grade 2 Match Race at Bayview Yacht Club. At the time, only the Knickerbocker Cup and the Ficker Cup had earned Grade 2 status, and the Congressional Cup was the only Grade 1 match race event in America. The first Detroit Cup was held on Mother's Day weekend in 2008.

Over the nine years that Bayview Yacht Club has hosted the D Cup some amazing statistics have been achieved:

  • Hosting skippers from 18 countries and 5 continents

  • A total of 61 different skippers have competed, 22 have made a second appearance with Chris Van Tol having competed the most at 8 times.

  • Four women skippers have competed with Anna Tunnicliffe winning in 2009, who had just won an Olympic Gold Medal the year before.

  • 14 of the 61 skippers were members of the 2016 World Match Racing Tour, with Phil Robertson (2nd in 2009 D Cup) winning the $1 Million World Tour Prize.

  • 10 skippers are currently ranked in the World Sailing Top 25.

  • Current World Sailing #1 ranked Sam Gilmour appeared in 2 "D" Cups, winning in 2015 and the #1 US ranked skipper, Taylor Canfield appeared in 4 "D" cups

  • Close to 800 total match races have been sailed.

What attracts spectators, media and sponsors to match race sailing is the format: one team races against another in an intense display of impressive physical and tactical prowess in the Ultimate 20 class boats used in the event. Both teams in each match use their skills of boat handling, reading the wind and the current, and knowledge of the rules to gain the upper hand against their opponent to win each race.

The competition is sailed in groups of four matches during a Round Robin held over the first two days, followed by two days of elimination stages of Quarter Final, Semi-Final, and Final rounds to reach an ultimate overall winner. The winner wins the coveted Detroit Cup along with valuable points earned for the international ranking list and on the US Grand Slam tour.

The racing starts Thursday, August 24th and will continue through Sunday, August 27th. Plan on coming down to the club to watch these international skippers and teams race for the Detroit Cup.

Friends of the "D" Cup

  • Bill Dicks
  • Bob Dumas
  • Bob Nutter
  • Clare Hunter
  • Com. Hans Brieden
  • Com. Hanson Bratton
  • Com. Tim LaRiviere
  • Com. Sandy Fullerton
  • Dean Kuhn
  • Emily Pytell
  • Gary Shoemaker
  • Helen Cost
  • Kenton Higgins
  • Larry Wideman
  • Nancy Sandlin
  • Richard White
  • Ryan Farrell
  • Todd Riley
  • Tom & Patti Sullivan
  • Tom Mackey
  • Tracy Thorpe
  • Van Tol & Vitelli Insurance
  • Virginia Burton
  • Mr. & Mrs. Timmony
  • William Gilbride

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